IELTS Writing Topic: Some people say that economic growth is the only way to end world poverty and hunger. Others say that economic growth is causing damage to the environment, and should be stopped now. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Modern people have been holding hold different attitudes on economic growth. Some of them support it because they say it is the only way to end poverty and hunger. While others oppose that view for the damage to the environment caused by economic growth. [Restating the prompt results in a low score]As I’m far as I am concerned, I partly agree with these views.

In the first place, the steady economic growth can promote the development of various industries. Thus, the government can provide more job opportunities to the citizens. With these job opportunities, people can make money to afford their living expenses to escape from poverty and hunger. Besides the profits produced by earned from factories, governments also can provide more funding to children who come from disadvantaged regions. Then the children may be useful to society. Therefore, economic can not only end poverty and hunger but also generate good cycle relations between the different class in society.

From another viewpoint, technology technological advancements may help humans to increase the economy by improving the environmentally. For example, industries can make profits in more environmental ways, such as installing machines which can purify industrial water. Thus, we humans can achieve high profits without damage to our environment.

Indeed, economic growth may lead to non-inverted irreparable damage to our environment. For instance, some countries had have paid a massive price on due to the exploitation of nonrenewable resources. This kind of behaviours may lead to natural pollution and waste of resources waste, which will cause enormous damage to our earth. However, the unemployment rate may rise and cause many social problems if we stop the growth of the economy.

To sum up,  we should not terminate economic growth, although it may damage our environment.

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